What would you do if you had a secret that could change everything? Would you ever tell?

Teen Adventure Reading
(for the teen in all of us)

I was 12 when I first started writing Annadyomene.  Having been an avid reader myself, I personally observed that there was little, if any, novels involving my age range that were really interesting to me.  Either books were insultingly immature and geared for younger audiences, or the novels threw me into a high school level with situations of which I had not experienced yet.  So I decided to write myself a fun, fast-paced novel filled with intrique, mystery, and a small bit of innocent romance.  Thus was born , my novel, Annadyomene.

~ When Annadyomene Ribbon got the call from Brownstone Boarding School saying they would like to have her attend their school on a scholarship, she could not possibly pass this up.

While attending Brownstone, Annadyomene (Anna for short) meets some friends. One of those friends being a guy with shocking blue eyes who from the moment Anna met him she felt a connection.

But with friends also comes some enemies. When Anna finds out that not everyone in Brownstone Boarding School is normal that starts an adventure looking for someone who's been missing for years. But along the way of this adventure they find problems so big someone might get left behind, or a life may be ended. Will Anna find this missing person? Can Anna trust her new friends to help her? ~